Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I'm making a shawl for my friend Jen's wedding, for her not for me. Unfortunately i don't think it will be ready by the shower, but will definitely be ready before the wedding. I originally started a different one but was unhappy with it - it was going to be really big and i didn't want that. (also someone spilled something on it - so i guess it was for the better)

I started a new one that i absolutely love!

Here is a little peek:

I'm keeping this one in a Knit Pouch so no one can spill shit on it.

I'm a little disappointed it wont be ready for the shower but at least i know it will be finished.

Hopefully there will a FO post for this soon!

Till then.....


lelah said...

Ooh, can't wait to see it! Looks really soft.

Soon to be Mrs. P said...

I cant wait to see it. Looks beautiful already!