Wednesday, May 2, 2007

FOs *Updated*

Felted Slippers are DONE!!!!
This is them before felting:

And After:

I ran them through the washing machine twice because after the first they still seemed a little big but after the second time they fit perfectly!!!! I decided to not sew in the felted Icord because it was hard enough trying to fit these under the sewing machine and i just wanted to be done with them, and i am perfectly content with leaving them out.

On another note, i had made a felted kitty bed some time back but then remembered about it as i went to throw the slippers in the washing machine, so i also finished that:

Here is Squeaks barely fitting in.

My progress on Thermal has stopped due to finishing the slippers but now I am getting back on track with it...And i haven't forgotten about a pic on the progress....

While the pic above doesnt really seem like my cat is barely fitting in the bed, she gave me a better top view pic heheh

This was too cute not to post, ok thats it!

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