Monday, May 21, 2007


I have started the Jaywalker socks. While i love the pattern, I am hating the yarn!

Jaywalker Socks

I love the color and how it self stripes but the feel of it is just eeehhhhhhh.
Its Knit Picks Parade, and i don't think i can go on with it.

Jaywalker Socks

I don't want to rip it out but it feels very dry and gross. it makes me feel like i want to keep putting lotion on my hands, i don't know what else to do. Should i just push on and maybe after wearing and washing they will get softer? I am up for suggestions, I'll just put them to the side and work on Thermal for the time being. I am almost to the point of dividing for the neckline!!!


Ilix said...

Maybe wrap it around the back of a chair and soak it in some warm, lightly soapy water for a bit.... then rinse it and let it air dry.
If you like the colour then you should salvage it!
It looks good!

Dana said...

Great Idea, Thanks!!!