Monday, June 4, 2007


So, when i got home from work i noticed i had 2 big boxes waiting for me, I knew they were my gifts for Will's sister's bridal shower. As i took them out of the box I heard the glasses i bought rattling around the box, opened it up and low & behold they are broken. (i have that kinda luck and the shower is on sat. yeah i know last minute) So after being on the phone with a very nice guy named Robert and all things got settled. I sat down and opened my laptop and after reading a topic reply from Craftster about Ravelry, I GOT MY INVITE!! I was so excited that i called Will, and he was like what are you talking about hahaha. So after explaining it, he was like that shit sounds so awesome. DAMN RIGHT IT DOES!!
My user name is Yarncravings. So if anyone is on it already come find me. I don't have anything up yet but soon i will, little by little.

OK, so over the Memorial Day weekend we went over to our friends Mike and Lelah's place. She also knits and spins and dyes her own yarn, she has an Etsy shop here. But i saw this yarn on her table that caught my eye.
Since i loved it so much she gave it to me! Its 140 yards of cormo wool, that she spun herself.
I'm making this little scarf out of it.
Its so soft and lovely.

And about my Jaywalker socks...I am going to take Ilix's suggestion and soak the yarn in some warm water to maybe soften them up a bit. Thanks for the suggestion!


pumpkin said...

hi i was looking through blogs and fell upon yours my mom does kitting ( and so do i) anyway i thought i would be cool if you could meet my mom her blog is hogwarts-sock-kit-swap anyway yeah thats it but i love some of the projects you did

Ilix said...

Glad to help! :)
I am going to get you on my friends list on Ravelry, my username isn't so different from this one! ;)

Câmera Digital said...

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Cuffed and Creased said...

wow you are super good you must make fun of my noob skills.

Jen said...

Hi dana! Update your blog!!